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North Oaks Soccer Club

Blast 2018/19 Journey Begins!

With player selections behind us all, the Blast now turns its focus on the seasons ahead! 

With a focus on high possession, purposeful soccer, the club is looking forward to working with a solid line-up of players committed to developing over the next seasons.

Congratulations to all our players who begin their 2018/19 journey's!


This is How The Blast Defines FUN Soccer!

Fun is competing harder then you even thought you were capable of.   We do it through High Possession - Balanced Formation - Defensive Recovery and well Supported Attack that relies on EVERYONE on the team, not just a handful of "talented" players.  To us, that is fun!

The video at the right was taken at US Club Regionals.  The Blast competed with a younger team against several high level teams from around the Midwest.  The Blast, in WHITE - demonstrated patience, confidence and a commitment to our style of play.  It's what we train at all our age levels and with all our players.  Fun soccer to watch and be part of.  

2018-19 Blast Player "Tryouts" COMPLETE!

The Blast has completed player selections for the 2018-19 seasons.  Just as years past, the Blast tryout process was filled with technical assessment, small situational play and full-sided games.  

This year, with the growth of our development program, we will include a SELECTS program in addition to our COMPETITIVE program. 

Our SELECTS program will come from the interest of players and families based on time commitments for the program as well as earlier travel expectations.  Teams will have meetings to gauge interest before determining how many SELECTS programs the club will have. 

We have created documentation to explain these program differences.   For questions, please contact our  coaching directors at:  

Click below to View Tryout Format:

Original Blast at College

The Blast has always refrained from "tooting our own horn" when it comes to touting how many collegiate players we've had.   With all the marketing out there from clubs across the cities, the time may have come for a little noise. 

It was just four short years ago, the "original Blast" team went off to college.  Most of the Original Blast players are approaching their final collegiate years.  Of the original 16 players, 13 play college soccer.  Four D1 players (30%), Four D2 (30%) players and five D3 players (40%) - and 100% of them are still playing today!  Impressive young women.

Our club is easily five to ten times smaller than most clubs around us.  However, 80% of our first class of players were able to play four years of college soccer.  Our development philosophy has not changed because, it works.  It takes discipline and commitment, but it works.

Our message to our players was the same then as it is today.  Do NOT prioritize an athletic scholarship.  Prepare for and make your priority academic success that will likely contribute back as your investment. 

Connect with the schools you like that have programs that interest you.  And if by chance, an athletic opportunity comes wrapped with your academic success, you may very well be living your dream.   

Congrats to the original Blast team as you start your final year in college!  *See our "Most Wanted" list below...


The u14 ('04's) girls successfully navigated this years State Tournament to earn a Premier 2 spot for the 2018/19 season. 

At their height of possession, the Blast delivered 434 passes at an 86% success rate which made it possible to attack with purpose and put them in position to convert on chances. 

The team will be looking to put a highly competitive side on the field and will spent a good deal of time and effort over the winter, preparing for the 2019 season.

Way to go Blast!

2004's Earn Premier for u15

The 2004's (u14) Boys team have earned their own Premier spot for 2018/19 season.  With some thin rosters down the stretch due to injuries, the highly focused, competitive group of u14 boys played hard enough to earn the points needed to pick up a Premier 2 placement for next year.  Well done Blast!  

2001's Stay Premier 1 at u18

Following a "Welcome to Premier" season, the 2001 u18 Girls will retain a Premier 1 spot for 2018/19.  The Blast training crew will work with u18 players interested in collegiate opportunities in the future. 

* There will be openings for this Premier team!  Excellent opportunity for high school juniors and seniors seeking collegiate exposure!

There is a solid core of players returning, but spots will be open for players with a hard work ethic and a desire to compete at a high level.  Interested players can register online.   

BLAST Player Development Focus

The Blast will continue to provide it's tiered support model for developing players.  The Blast has been known for it's high technical skill players who are also tactically aware.  We do this by providing up to three coaches and trainers per team.  Each team has a dedicated technical team as well as a dedicated head coach providing tactical development throughout the season.   These teams are regularly supported by coaching directors and technical coordinators.  That means, no late cancellations of training sessions for lack of coaching.  The Blast is dedicated to Complete Player Development. 

    "Anything worth doing,
    is worth doing really well."

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